lifestinks love notes

“About a month ago I caught a blog posting about natural deodorants.  Since I swear I’ve tried EVERY natural deodorant out there, without success (and also WASTED A TON OF MONEY on them!) I almost didn’t read it.  But, I clicked on the article and scanned through to the blog’s comments.  Someone mentioned your natural deodorant and I immediately went to your site to check it out since I had not heard of it before.  I decided to try it and have used your extra strength lavender deodorant and stink stick for the last few days --- I AM AMAZED!  No other natural deodorant has ever worked for me! You have no idea how happy I am to not have to use Secret anymore.”

Laura S.
Burlington, VT

“The order is for my grandmother Ida; she loves your product and wanted more but is afraid of the Internet. She recently moved and found the empty container in a box and said she’d do anything to get more of "this amazing stuff" that she puts everywhere – she feels it’s a miracle product and I am starting to think she must be right! She used it for "personal use" but also said she would put it in her shoes and boots, under her car mats, in her straw fishing hat after a day in the sun... the list went on and on.

When she moved out to Arizona, she was out of her element and doesn’t know where she could find more in a store, so that lead me to look for you online and to place the order. I will admit, the bath salts I threw in there because they sounded delightful (I was under orders to get more of "the magic dust" that was on the label and not to spend too much time in "the inter-nest") and am now tempted to get a decanter for myself.”

Kim H. & Grandma Ida
Surprise, AZ

“I have tried all "normal" deodorants (natural, organic, chemical based, various strengths) and all seem to stop working shortly after trying them, leaving me smelling way worse than using no product at all. I tried life stinks, assuming it wouldn’t work, but was kind of desperate. This stuff is amazing! I never smell bad anymore and only apply it once a day at most (regular strength – I was applying the chemical extra strength deodorant multiple times a day).

I rarely have sweat stains on shirts now too. Added bonus is no aluminum as I had heard previous that aluminum is deodorant is linked to upper back pain, which I have a lot of. My back and shoulder pain is greatly reduced since switching life stinks... Could be a placebo effect, but no aluminum and other random ingredients is a plus!”

Stephanie C.

Meet PJ from Chicago

Before: Tried new anti-perspirant each month. Nothing worked.

Since lifestinks: Completely “hooked and addicted.” No more wetness. No odor.

“I just wanted to let you know that I’ve been using Lifestinks since I met you guys at the Bucktown Holiday Arts Fest. As a decade-long user of high-powered commercial antiperspirants, I was skeptical. I even tried that one super HD antiperspirant that you can only apply at night and comes with a five-page direction sheet. Which, by the way, would end up giving me a rash and/or stop working after a week or so.

Well, even though your product is not billed as an antiperspirant, it has been completely effective at controlling wetness and odor. Even through one of my brutal gym days. I am converted, ladies. The bottles of Mitchum and all of the rest are in the garbage. Consider me a lifelong user and evangelist for Lifestinks.”

Dry and Fresh All Day in Phoenix!

Dry and Fresh All Day in Phoenix!

"I just wanted to let you know that I have been using my new deodorant and am literally BLOWN AWAY! It is almost 110 degrees here in Phoenix, I usually sweat like a pig (sorry to be so blunt) and since using your new Magic Fairy Dust, I have been dry and fresh all day. It is really quite amazing. I can't believe it. I want to scream it from the rooftops! I am telling every single person that will listen to me - LifeStinks is forking legit!

Thank you so much for being so enthusiastic, every single person needs to know about this product!"

Peace, Love and Forks,

Meghan M., Phoenix, AZ

two brothers joining hands standing on top of the grand teton mountains

Broski, I Love My Deodorant!

"I was a skeptic at first. Had wanted to make the switch for many years, but could not find the right solution. I am now a believer and evangelist and have converted others. Most importantly -- IT WORKS!!!" - Eric K.

Broski, I Love My Deodorant! 

Chicagoan Eric sent his brother, Mike, in San Francisco a holiday gift of lifestinks deodorant.  Wonder what kind of reaction the gift of deodorant brings? Mike’s enthusiastic thank you delighted us. 

Mike took the time to thank us as well:

"My Bro Eric had given me your deodorant as a gift for Christmas. ... I was super excited. It works. I thought it might just cover up the BO smell a bit and was worried about the lavender maybe being a little too girlie. Wrong!  My BO was gone gone gone....

I have tried Tom’s Lemongrass, Anthony’s, Alba Tea Tree and some others. All of them were natural deo but they also went on wet and were sticky for a while after applying AND simply didn’t do the job. By the end of the day, I was ripe. ..."

Holy. Moly.

Holy. Moly.

Oh my goodness.  I have been using your Life Stinks powder for a full week now - IT IS A MIRACLE!!!  I was skeptical that I could be naturally unstinky, as I have tried all the natural deodorants with little success.  But I am not stinky at all - not even one speck.  It's absence of smell.  And I am really getting my nose in there to take a whiff - ha!! I now talk about your deodorant to anyone who I think will be remotely interested.  I went to a party and my husband came up and said, "Are you talking about that deodorant again?" But I think women need to know about it - we must do it for our lymph nodes! It feels so good not be slathering chemicals into my armpit.  I'm amazed.  Amazed. 

Thank you for such a great product - it was truly your passion that sold it! And now I feel the same. :)

Laurelin Van H
Boston, MA

Just a big Thank You for a wonderful product.  I am 61 years old and finally found a product that actually works, and I am no longer a Stinker Belle, like my brother called me!  This product is amazing, I am telling all my new Hoosier neighbors about it, and I wish you and your business the best of luck in your business endeavors.  Finally, a product worth the cost, and I am so lucky to have found it in a display at my health food store.  Now, who cuts your hair?

Dana H.
Valparaiso, IN

"I've tried well over 20 natural deodorants over the years, and zero have worked. Zero! Each one tossed in the trash. I was very skeptical when I picked up the Life Stinks powder (I saw it once and passed it up, but the second time around I thought I'd give it a shot). I thought that there was no way this product would work for me since nothing else did. I am an active person (personal trainer) and I do smell so I need a good deodorant.

I am so so so happy to say that I tried your product and IT WORKS!!!! I just can't believe it. I am so happy I picked it up. I couldn't be happier. Years and years of wasted money on products that always failed me. Thank you for creating this product line! I am extremely happy and I will tell anyone who is looking for a natural alternative about it. If it worked for me, I am confident it'll work for anyone else.

Thank you again!!! You've made my day!!!!!"

Jeannette S.


Stop the stink, sweat and BULLYING! Cheers for lifestinks!

Stop the stink, sweat and BULLYING! Cheers for lifestinks!

"...I have a 12-year-old daughter that is (WAS) “Stinky”.  Mary knew the pain I was going through because of the peer pressure at school because of the odor and the under arm sweat stains.  I mentionned to Mary that we have tried every product out there.  We bought every product they promised would help with no success!!  

Thanks to your amazing product she no longer has that problem.  I have to admit it took awhile to get in her system and “stop the stink” but after a couple of weeks she was healed!!!  ... 

I did also attach a funny picture of my daughter.  We took a holiday cruise to the Hawaiian Islands and after the wonderful life jacket safety routine she was so excited her armpits were dry!!!  We were cheering for the Duggan Sisters the whole vacation."

From a scare with a blocked lymph node to healthy pits in one month! Find out what Frances did to heal her breast. Don't Be a Boob! Get smart about breast health.

 Meet Frances from Chicago

Before: stinky, sweaty pits with swollen puss-filled lymph nodes

After one month of lifestinks: healthy pits, no more swelling, wetness or odor!