lifestinks love notes

I have been telling people about this deodorant using words like "revolutionary".   When my husband hears me, he just rolls his eyes grins and snorts "revolutionary deodorant?" But it is no joke! I have always thought I would have to settle for stinky pits. I have tried EVERYTHING out there at Whole Foods and Beyond. It’s not the sweat I mind, it is the stink that drives me crazy. In fact, I have always believed it’s healthy to sweat. I’ve not used "regular/traditional" antiperspirant for many years. But even back then, I would eventually stink by the end of the day.

Then I bought "Life stinks" deodorant by the Duggan Sisters at a Waldorf school fair and I absolutely flipped!  I know this sounds weird.... But it changed my life. (God, I sound like a loser)  I even pack less on trips because I don’t have to pack 2 shirts per day in case I stink.  OK you all are laughing at me now, but JUST TRY IT (and make sure to follow the directions.)  I bet you will be stink-free too. (And NO I am not being paid to write this.)”

Stephanie A.

“Let me begin by saying "Wow"!!!  I never thought that I would be able to say, "I don’t stink!"  For years and years I thought I might have some weird disease and I even thought I might need some kind of surgery to make it stop.

My doctor, of course, said she didn’t recommend surgery.  So I was resigned to living with the stink for the rest of my life until I was talking to a friend and she recommended your product which I ordered and am now using and again WOW!!  My husband is using it as well and he is very happy with it because he had stopped using deodorant all together because he was having rashes and now there is no stink and no rash!”

Gloria K.

“It was great meeting you at the Merchandise Mart One of a Kind Show with my friend Vickie. I am SO happy she convinced me to try your product after sniffing her odorless arm.  I LOVE it!!! Once I got used to it, or the impurities were out of my body, or whatever happened...I was hooked. My husband kept saying how fresh I smelled even at night after a long day and a full workout!  Absolutely amazing!!  I have a travel container because I travel a lot—it’s the one thing I don’t ever forget!  Brilliant discovery. Love the product!!”

Patricia, Chicago