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Holy. Moly.

Holy. Moly.

Dear Duggan Sisters,

Oh my goodness.  I have been using your Life Stinks powder for a full week now - IT IS A MIRACLE!!!  I was skeptical that I could be naturally unstinky, as I have tried all the natural deodorants with little success.  But I am not stinky at all - not even one speck.  It's absence of smell.  And I am really getting my nose in there to take a whiff - ha!! I now talk about your deodorant to anyone who I think will be remotely interested.  I went to a party and my husband came up and said, "Are you talking about that deodorant again?" But I think women need to know about it - we must do it for our lymph nodes! It feels so good not be slathering chemicals into my armpit.  I'm amazed.  Amazed. 

Thank you for such a great product - it was truly your passion that sold it! And now I feel the same. :)

Laurelin Van H
Boston, MA