About Us: Meet the Duggan Sisters

3 sisters in black and white with younger sisters leaning on the shoulder of the elder sister seated in the center


The Duggan Sisters needed natural and highly effective solutions to life’s most basic problems: stink and stings. Not satisfied with the natural products on the market and too sick to wear chemically-based brands, they took to their own basement and created lifestinks deodorant and lifestings bug repellent.   

Resilient survivors of their own serious health challenges, the sisters combined their training in Lymphatic Wellness, their love of the great outdoors and pure entrepreneurial spunk to bring their one-of-a-kind brand to market.

The Duggan Sisters pooled their resources, created a factory on the first floor of their small cottage and live happily together above it. They are determined to make getting healthy and staying healthy easy, fun and affordable for everyone.

If speaking to one of the Sisters would help, drop us a line or give us a jingle: 

e: connect@duggansisters.com

t: 773.341.4246

hours: M-F 10-5 Chicago



 Annie's Story Mary's Story Clare's Story
Spend just a few minutes with the Duggan Sisters and you will experience the synergy that makes their partnership so unique and so very special. Like an old married couple, they finish each other’s sentences and wordlessly anticipate each other’s needs.

“We are actually twins,” says Annie, “born nine years apart!”

In fact, their partnership probably works because of their distinct differences. From birth, Annie ...
For all of Annie’s physicality, Mary is wholly cerebral. “I am,” says Mary, “the original geek. I have had my nose in a book my entire life. I have ruined my eyes, my posture, and all muscle tone, but it is my true passion.”
With a degree in creative writing, Mary had worked as a college instructor, a university administrator, and owned her own design firm for over 15 years when a walk down her own backstairs on a sunny December morning thrust her literally into a whole new life...
Clare is the youngest of the eleven Duggan siblings. Smart, loving and so well -adjusted, her siblings always teased their mother that with number eleven she had finally gotten the formula right. The caboose in large families is often the cherished and coddled mascot for older siblings. Clare balanced any privileges her last-in-line position afforded with the challenges of divorced parents, an absent father, an exhausted mother, and siblings so busy and necessarily self-centered that at age six she bemoaned her life as too many good byes and not enough hellos. A last child is often an only child of sorts...