I've tried well over 20 natural deodorants and zero have worked. Life Stinks WORKS!


I've tried well over 20 natural deodorants over the years, and zero have worked. Zero! Each one tossed in the trash. I was very skeptical when I picked up the Life Stinks powder (I saw it once and passed it up, but the second time around I thought I'd give it a shot). I thought that there was no way this product would work for me since nothing else did. I am an active person (personal trainer) and I do smell so I need a good deodorant.

I am so so so happy to say that I tried your product and IT WORKS!!!! I just can't believe it. I am so happy I picked it up. I couldn't be happier. Years and years of wasted money on products that always failed me. Thank you for creating this product line! I am extremely happy and I will tell anyone who is looking for a natural alternative about it. If it worked for me, I am confident it'll work for anyone else.

Thank you again!!! You've made my day!!!!!"

Jeannette S.