lifestinks love notes

I’ve converted my entire family!

I’ve converted my entire family!

“Your product works like a champ. It really held up to some action when we were biking in the desert! I am getting the lavender for my wife, Sarah, so we have now converted the entire family. That’s right! Dad started it and now, Mom and the boys are along for the ride! Guess which two ball players are wearing lifestinks??”

David W.
Dallas, TX

the backs of little boys dressed in baseball uniforms sitting on a bench
Have no fear, lifestinks is here!

Have no fear, lifestinks is here!

“I have to let you know I do love the lifestinks and stinkstick products.  They are great!  Right after I got them I went camping with my son.  This was back in early July when it was so hot and steamy outside.  Not only did I use the products to keep feeling fresh, but I also sprinkled some life stinks in the sleeping bags and it was almost spa-like refreshing!  Then when the mosquitoes hit, the stinkstick was at our rescue!  Hiking boots a little gamey – have no fear lifestinks is here.  Great stuff with many, many uses.  Also, I bought just the travel size to try, received it in July and just ordered a replacement now – four months from that little container!”

Angelina F.
Bartlett, IL

“I love my deodorant!! I have to admit, there is nothing better than not having to worry about puddles under my arms! My boyfriend had been secretly on the hunt for new deodorant for me. Not that I was a stinky one, but for some odd reason my armpits would itch all the time, and still be wet. I would just be itching my armpits in front of anyone!

He stumbled upon it at Merz Apothecary with his mother who assured him that no girlfriend wants deodorant for a gift, which I understand, but this is the gift that keeps giving! I was thrilled to learn that you ladies are from Chicago, and love the story/background. I do hope that I will meet you one day! Till then, thanks for  making a perfect product!”

Anna K.
Chicago, IL