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and Refillable.

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  • The perfect deodorant even if everything else has failed you.

  • Keeps you odor free. All Day Long. Even big stinkers.

  • Start dry, stay dry with our aluminum-free dry powder.

  • Made in Chicago USA by health care professionals who are resilient survivors of serious health challenges.

  • The Original Refillable deodorant since 2008.

"As a decade-long user of high-powered commercial antiperspirants, I was skeptical. Lifestinks has been completely effective at controlling both wetness and odor. Even through one of my brutal gym days. Consider me a lifelong user and evangelist for lifestinks."

PJ Rashid

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  • Want to try them all before you buy your lifetime decanter? 

  • Experiment with our high performance palette. 

  • One of each variety! Lavender in regular and extra strength. Cedarwood in regular and extra strength.
  • Big stinker? Add a stinkstick deodorant booster.

  • In the comfort of your own home, make a decision about which flavor and strength of lifestinks is best for you! 



Experience the lifestinks advantage

  • Natural deodorant that isn't a compromise. Lifestinks is the best overall.

    Even if you are a big stinker, our pure formulas will keep you absolutely odor free. All day long. You won't smell like lifestinks. Thanks to our odor-neutralizing infusions, you simply won't smell. 

  • Start Dry. Stay Dry. 

    No more swiping sticky or wet products into your pits. Without chemical suppressants, our dry powder lifestinks will keep you comfortably dry all day. 

  • The Original Refillable Deodorant

    Since 2008, we've kept 893,599 (and counting) single-use plastics out of landfills. All our containers can be refilled.

  • Safe for the whole family to share

    Unlike products that swipe your pits, it is safe & sanitary to share a sprinkle of our dry powder formula.  

    Smart moms put one in each bathroom for the whole family to stay fresh naturally. Safe for all ages. 

  • Gender Neutral

    All our varieties are designed for everybody. 45% of our users are men and half of them love our  lavender.  Try them all with a sampler and then choose the one you love the most.  

  • Non-staining

    Say goodbye to yellow pits in your white t-shirts and dress clothes. No more trouble scraping product build-up off your clothes or out of your pits.  And not to worry - it won't show on your black items, either!  

“Like our healing center clients, we were fed up with natural deodorants that didn't work.

And with everything we learned on the road to recovery, there was no way we were putting chemicals on our body.

So we took our training in lymphatic wellness and naturopathy and created lifestinks. 

We’ve grown from one little can sold from our dining room table to a full deodorant program complete with refills, a booster, travelers, a variety of flavors, and even extra strength for the big stinkers.

 But it has always been about helping real folks solve a real human problem. 

 Sometimes, life stinks. But you don't have to."

Mary, Annie & Clare Duggan

Nexty Award
HealthSourceMag Top Healthy Holiday Gift
NY NOW Best of Show
Healthy Holistic Living Top Green Gift

Completely “hooked and addicted.” No more wetness. No odor.

“I just wanted to let you know that I’ve been using Lifestinks since I met you guys at the Bucktown Holiday Arts Fest in 2009. As a decade-long user of high-powered commercial antiperspirants, I was skeptical. I even tried that one super HD antiperspirant that you can only apply at night and comes with a five-page direction sheet. Which, by the way, would end up giving me a rash and/or stop working after a week or so.

Well, even though your product is not billed as an antiperspirant, it has been completely effective at controlling wetness and odor. Even through one of my brutal gym days. I am converted, ladies. The bottles of all of the rest are in the garbage. Consider me a lifelong user and evangelist for Lifestinks.”

PJ /Chicago


lifestinks: revolutionary. refillable. reliable.

 1. lifetime stainless decanter
The eco-friendly, refillable stainless-steel decanter comes with a nine-month supply of deodorant. The decanter’s ultra-fine mesh allows for ideal application. Includes 9 months of deodorant. Refillable forever.
2. lifestinks everywhere 
Wherever you go – whether you’re at home, traveling, camping, or working out – take advantage of the sealable, refillable, recyclable lifestinks everywhere shaker that includes a four-month supply – or 120 applications
3. refill pouch
Mother Earth thanks you for refilling your decanter or traveler. This bag contains a 9‑month supply of lifestinks. Yep, that’s right, pennies a day for the world’s smartest and most effective deodorant. Be good to Mother Earth and your budget.
4. stinkstick® booster
Hey Big Stinkers! Use one smidge of our 100% pure deodorant oil to boost your lifestinks. Everyday for clinical strength or occasionally when you need that extra power. You decide.

Not to be used separately. Always follow with dry lifestinks deodorant. Multipurpose.

All our ingredients are active. No fillers.

Organic Sodium Bicarbonate
(dry powder base for all our deodorants)

Our earth-mined, aluminum-free sodium bicarbonate base is organic, alkaline, and anti-fungal. 

It is harvested from natural deposits with a water process that is healthy for the Earth, the surrounding communities and you!

Our base amplifies our botanical infusions.

Tea Tree Essential Oil 
(in all our deodorants)

The medical grade tea tree oil (melaleuca alternifolia) in our regular strength deodorants addresses the bacteria and fungus that cause odor.  

For our extra strength varieties, we blend multiple species of melaleuca, which our Australian growers have harvested to provide enhanced odor control.

Lavender Essential Oil
(in our lavender varieties) 

Our Australian-grown lavender essential oil (lavandula angustifolia), when combined with tea tree, evokes a clean, vivid, fresh sensation.

Cedarwood Essential Oil
(in our cedarwood varieties)

Our North African-grown cedarwood essential oil (cedrus atlantica), when combined with tea tree, elicits a warm, buttery, woodsy experience. 

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How to apply lifestinks deodorant & use the stinkstick

4-in-1: lifestinks is multi-purpose

01. deodorant

Start dry. Stay dry. Naturally odor free pits, all day long.

You need to allow your body to sweat, so we don't suppress it with chemicals.  Aluminum-free dry powder lifestinks keeps you comfortably dry.  

02. Foot Powder

Sprinkle on toes or in shoes. Lengthen the life of your running shoes or sports gear by keeping it fresh between uses.

Let anti-fungal lifestinks stop the stink in your mudroom or sports bag. 

03. Dry Shampoo

Sprinkle our dry powder into your roots and use your fingertips or a brush to work it in.  Stops the grease and leaves your hair smelling fresh. 

04. Toothpaste

No kidding. It's that safe. 

Drag a wet toothbrush through a sprinkle of lifestinks on your palm. 

Great for travel.

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  • stinkstick® deodorant boosters (220 uses)

  • lifestings® bug repellents (lotion & spray)

  • lavender smartsoak® for restful sleep

* All our samplers give you one each of our lavender and cedarwood deodorants in both regular and extra strength odor control (4 varieties in all).

Frequently asked questions

Have questions? We’re here to help

How do I apply lifestinks and the stinkstick?

lifestinks: Sprinkle a wee bit on fingertips. Pat in pits.  

stinkstick: Roll a smidge on your fingertip. Massage into pits. Never apply roll-on directly to your armpit. Follow with dry lifestinks deodorant. Never use independently. 

What's the difference between regular and extra strength?

Odor control! Extra strength is for big stinkers!  All varieties of our deodorants will keep you dry with our start dry, stay dry approach. 

We always encourage folks to start with our regular strength lifestinks. Just because other products failed you, don't assume you have to use our extra strength. Seriously, we have first responders in full gear fighting fires in lavender regular strength! 

But if you need it, our extra strength is infused with multiple species of melaleuca specially harvested for their odor-control properties. Extra strength odor control in a gentle formula.

And if you need even more odor coverage, add in a stinkstick deodorant booster. This pure deodorant oil puts you in charge. Add it everyday for clinical strength or occasionally when you need that extra power.

What is a stinkstick? 

Our sleek and ultra chic mini blown-glass roll-on gives you the opportunity to go for the gusto when you need to. Boost regular or extra strength lifestinks on days when you need extra odor control. 

Our stinkstick deodorant booster:

• Puts you, not stress, in control of odor.

• Takes on synthetic fabrics and high temperatures.

• Holds 110 applications of pure deodorant oil booster.

• Is not to be used without dry deodorant.

• Works wonders as a wound-care wand. Apply to zits, bug bites, etc.

Directions: Simply roll a smidge of this pure essential oil blend on your fingertip. Apply to armpit and follow with lifestinks dry deodorant. 

Ingredients:  Make sure to match your stinkstick booster to your dry lifestinks deodorant. Lavender with lavender. Cedarwood with cedarwood.

Lavender stinkstick: lavandula angustifolia (lavender), and melaleuca alternifolia (tea tree)

Cedarwood stinkstick: cedrus atlantica (cedarwood), and melaleucas (incl. tea tree).

Do you have an unscented variety?

Yes! All of our deodorants are unscented. Our lavender, cedarwood and tea tree essential oils aren't fragrances.  They are active ingredients with a job to do: keeping you odor free.  

Lifestinks doesn't mask your odor, it neutralizes it.  While we want you to enjoy that pop of our infusions when you apply lifestinks in the morning, within 5 minutes you shouldn't smell anything.  Not lifestinks. Not your B.O. Nothing. 

Keep in mind that "scent" or "perfume" is a term from the chemical industry.  It allows chemically-based brands to hide up to 3,000 chemicals behind the term "perfume".  To create unscented products, they put in chemicals to make other smells go away.  It doesn't necessarily mean purity.   

On the other hand, think of all the natural smells in your life, like slicing open a lemon in your kitchen.  It isn't "lemon-scented"; it's a lemon! And it has natural powers that you can put to work for you. That's how our essential oil infusions work. Think of it as "flower power" - those amazing plants are there to do a job. Namely, keeping you odor free, all day long. 

Will I still sweat?

First of all, let's talk about sweat. In our experience as lymphatic wellness specialists, hyperhidrosis is a phony diagnosis. While antiperspirant marketing campaigns are selling you products to stop wetness, the chemicals in their products are actually making you wet. 

Their aluminum-laced products are designed block your sweat glands. But your amazing lymph nodes are fighting back, pumping extra water to the area in an attempt to flush out the invading chemical toxins.  So many folks who think of themselves as super sweaty, actually have an immune system fighting to protect them from chemical products! Wow.

Enter lifestinks.  It won't suppress your body's ability to sweat (that's a good thing).  For example, when running a marathon, your body needs to sweat. And it will. But you won't stink. (Go ahead and hug your family at the finish line!)

However, on a regular day, you'll stay comfortably dry.  You start dry to stay dry. Our safe effective odor neutralizing product won't set off alarms for your body's lymphatic system.  Even folks who have a history of big super-sweaters will be dry.  

Last, but note least: less is more.  Applying too much lifestinks can overstimulate your lymph. So be sure to only use a small amount. See our "how to apply" video if you have questions. 

NOTE: If you've been suffering from extreme wetness,  you may need to give lifestinks 3-10 days to kick in.   Some people are dry day one. God bless them. However, the overactive pumps in your body are like a speeding train. They can't stop on a dime.  But within a few days, your body will get the message that it is no longer under attack from chemicals and will slow the lymphatic flow to your pits. The result: you'll be like everyone who is comfortably dry wearing lifestinks. 

Do you have a guarantee?

Yes! We love lifestinks and other life-changing products we make and think you will, too. In fact, as Sisters who ran a healing center for years, we're normally able to help you solve the bump in the road before giving up on you and your successful transition to a healthy deodorant.

If you are having any "issues" making the switch, contact us. If we can't figure it out together, you can of course return or exchange your products within 30 days of receipt for a full refund. But we always try to help you first! We prefer to help you be happy and to reduce the waste of returns. 

In fact, we’re so confident that you’ll love lifestinks that we’ll even cover the cost of return shipping.

What are the ingredients?


Lavender Extra Strength

Aluminum-free organic sodium bicarbonate*, lavandula angustifolia (lavender), and melaleucas (including tea tree).

Lavender Regular Strength

Aluminum-free  organic sodium bicarbonate*, lavandula angustifolia (lavender), and melaleuca alternifolia (tea tree)

Cedarwood Extra Strength

Aluminum-free organic sodium bicarbonate*, cedrus atlantica (cedarwood), and melaleucas (incl. tea tree).

Cedarwood Regular Strength

Aluminum-free sodium bicarbonate*, cedrus atlantica (cedarwood), and melaleuca alternifolia (tea tree)

*About our organic dry powder base

Unlike other commercial, laboratory made Baking Sodas, our earth-mined sodium bicarbonate base is organic, alkaline, and anti-fungal. It is harvested from natural deposits with a water process that is healthy for the Earth, the surrounding communities and you!


Make sure to match your stinkstick booster to your dry lifestinks deodorant. Lavender with lavender. Cedarwood with cedarwood. Never use independently. Always follow with dry powder lifestinks.

Lavender stinkstick: lavandula angustifolia (lavender), and melaleuca alternifolia (tea tree)

Cedarwood stinkstick: cedrus atlantica (cedarwood), and melaleucas (incl. tea tree).

Is it safe for my kids? 

Yes! Lifestinks is safe for ALL AGES.  We always recommend starting with one of our regular strength varieties. Only advance to extra strength odor control if they get breakthrough odor. Our regular strength varieties are safe, but powerful.  

Some of our favorite letters have been from the moms of kids who finally stopped getting bullied because they found lifestinks.  

Kids with autism? Yes to chemical-free deodorant. Plus, try a smartsoak on a rough day. Moms and kids swear by them. P.S. We love those letters, too!

Which is the "guy" version? 

Lifestinks is gender-neutral. All our varieties are designed for everybody.

45% of our users are men and half of them love our lavender varieties. Some folks think of lavender as "girly", but it is actually a high-mountain flower that is fresh and bright.  Think of it as a walk in the woods breathing clean air. 

Although lavender is our top seller for women, many of them enjoy the buttery warm essence of our cedarwood infusions. Some people like to have one of each on the shelf and shake it up from time to time. (Just never wear both at the same time!) 

 Try them all with a sampler and then choose the one you love the most.  

Where are your products made?

In the USA. In our home on the Southside of Chicago to be more specific!    That's right.  We invent, label, mix, fill, cap, sell, ship, and service all our products at our wee cottage.   We employ local folks and use domestic suppliers whenever possible. (Some plants are only grown in other parts of the world, so we work with the best small growers to bring them to you.) 

In true Chicago tradition, we sisters live together above the shop with our rescue animals - wonder dog Boomer and super kitty MooMoo.  That  (773) 341.4246 phone number? It rings in our home!

Will it stain my clothes?

Say goodbye to yellow pits in your white t-shirts and expensive dress shirts. No more trouble scraping sticky products off your clothes or scrubbing them out of your pits. And not to worry - it won't show on your black items, either!    

Does refilling really make a difference?

Heck, ya! Since 2008, together with our amazing lifestinks customers, we've kept 915,132 (and counting) single-use plastics out of landfills. All our containers can be refilled.  Join us? 

Don't be shy. We've heard it all and we're here for you. When you call the Duggan Sisters, you will actually speak to one of the Sisters. 

So if having Annie, Mary or Clare answer your question or take your order over the phone would help, give us a jingle at 773.341.4246.  

Like our products, we're made in Chicago and that's where you'll find us Monday-Friday 10-5 Central time. 

Former Stinkers Want you to know!

Customer Reviews

Based on 790 reviews
It Totally Stopped the Stink!

This was the first product that I've used that has successfully removed the stink! What a blessing to have confidence walking outside and not having to worry about body odor when around people! Not only that, but significant reduction in wetness even after an intense full body workout the sweat is virtually gone from this area. Did I forget to mention no more pit stained shirts!? So far I've only had to use the stink stick twice and that was due to extremely hot temperature of 90 degrees. I look forward to trying the other powders that came in my starter kit. Thank you so much for this blessing I truly appreciate and recommend this product for everyone!

Works great

Doesn’t prevent some healthy sweating but completely prevents/blocks the stink! Prefer the lavender scent. Miraculous effect for teen boy B.O.


The smell of the powder is different...not sweet, not bad. Just a strange smell. However it works! No odor!

Almost perfect

I live in Florida, and the Lifestinks Deodorant is great! It’s a different feel from a regular deodorant, but I like it - the health benefits make it an excellent choice, and it works very well for up to 48 hours (so far). I’ll buy it again.

Trista Bitikofer
This is the one!!!

This is the best and only natural deodorant I’ve tried and I have tried sooo many. I did the detox on each one of them, but it never seemed to last and I always ended up stinky. Until now! I tried the regular strength lifestinks with the stink stick, but it wasn’t cutting it. I spoke with Annie Duggan directly and she was one of the nicest people and a wealth of information. They send me the extra strength and it has been working perfectly! I don’t stink anymore and I don’t have to reapply in a single day! Hooray for lifestinks!