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Mother's Day SUPER SOAK SALE! 4 day only! 

Smartsoaks® are the Duggan Sisters’ tub-tested antidote to the aches and pain so many of us are experiencing.

Less Pain is the Gain

Health begins at home for the Duggan Sisters. And nothing says homespun healing like a hot bath. Smartsoaks® are the Duggan Sisters’ tub-tested antidote to the aches and pain so many of us are experiencing. Highly effective for athletes and amateurs, gardeners and gradeshoolers. Smartsoaks are also designed to elevate mood and reduce anxiety.

Dissolve into a naturally dechlorinated smartsoak TODAY. Lay back and let the Sisters’ careful blend of vitamins, minerals, and botanical oils rejuvenate your aching muscles, and restore your spirits, all in the privacy and ease of your own home.

NOTE: We insist upon medical-grade Epsom salts to guarantee our smartsoaks are free from heavy metal toxins.

Physical Pain

Physical Pain

Emotional Pain

Emotional Pain

Neutralizes Chlorine

Neutralizes Chlorine

Safe for All Ages

Safe for All Ages

No Bubbles No Oily Mess

No Bubbles
No Oily Mess

Resolve to dissolve today



to encourage restful sleep and peace of mind



to relieve congestion and ease flu-like symptoms



to restore energy and reduce appetite

Our smartsoak spa-in-a-bag is perfectly sized for travel. Makes an ideal gift.

I’m a triathlete. This stuff is just one small step away from a MIRACLE!

I have chronic joint pain and muscle pain in my neck. Smartsoaks really do reduce the pain significantly and I always sleep so well afterwards.

The soaks will help ease your muscles after long training runs!

Remember my son's anxiety? These SmartSoaks help. A lot. After a tough day, they truly help calm my son and help him sleep. He loves them, and calls them his “special relax baths.”

My husband loves it! He's just started CrossFit and is always sore afterwards, but this fixes him up right quick! It's a fantastic product!

I loved the Smart Soak from first use and even grew to love them more throughout my whole pregnancy!

I LOVE YOUR BATH SOAKS, I am amazed how I feel after using the product.

free of heavy metals vegan product cruelty free women owned made in the USA
FREE FROM: Chlorine • Heavy Metals • GMOs • Gluten • Parabens • Phthalates • Nut or Mineral Oils
Medical-grade magnesium sulfate, sodium bicarbonate, ascorbic acid, juniperus communis (juniper), and either: lavandula angustifolia (lavender), eucalyptus globulus (eucalyptus), or citrus paradisi (grapefruit), depending on your selected infusion

Customer Reviews

Based on 61 reviews
That stuff is awesome!

I love smartsoak so much that I send it as a gift to my closest friends. This gift recipient said:

"I loved the lavender soak. It was amazing! I was in there for 1 hour with no was crazy! Thanks for sending just what I needed! That stuff is awesome!"

Debra Tamblyn

I’m Always reliably dry and not smelly!

Carol Macola
Bath time luxury

Smartsoak eases the body and the soul, relaxing and soothing.

Adair Small
Ahhhhh! So relaxing and healing!

I won't go through a winter without having the eucalyptus soak on hand; best thing in the world for relieving congested head or chest from colds, flu (and probably Covid19 which I fortunately have not tested.) Also great for tired muscles from shoveling the snow here in Chicago!
And stress relief with the lavender soak is super and better than a sleeping pill in so many ways... These are my go to Christmas gifts for all on my list; fabulous for any occasion actually... Yay for the Duggan Sisters!

Lynn in Penfield, NY
LOVE the lavender soaks!!! Best gift ever.

Hi to Annie and the gals. I'm buying a birthday gift for my daughter. Just used the lavender soak myself and LOVED it. Keep up the good work!!