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Fed up with natural deodorants that failed, the Duggan Sisters developed lifestinks - the natural deodorant that actually works.

Fed up with natural deodorants that failed, the Duggan Sisters developed lifestinks - the natural deodorant that actually works.

EXPERIENCE the lifestinks advantage

Start dry. Stay dry

Start dry. Stay dry

Odor free. All day long

Odor free. All day long

Uniquely Refillable

Uniquely Refillable

Gender Neutral

Gender Neutral



Neutralize odor naturally. All day long. Let’s get started!

Pick your flavor:

lavender scent
cedarwood scent

Pick your odor control:

regular strength
extra strength

Attention Big Stinkers!

We've got your back. Well, at least we've got your pits. Welcome to stinkstick. Use one smidge of our 100% pure deodorant oil to boost your lifestinks. Everyday or occasionally. You decide.

Not to be used separately. Always follow with dry lifestinks deodorant. Multipurpose.

extra odor control ease the itch pimple buster athlete's foot wound care
stink stick

Protection Perfection

By insisting on a dry delivery, the Duggan Sisters revolutionized the deodorant industry.

  • our aluminum-free deodorant is refillable
  • our earth-mined sodium bicarbonate base is organic, alkaline, and anti-fungal
  • our base amplifies our botanical infusions


naturally odor-free, all day long.

Versatility adds value

Dry shampoo, Food powder, Toothpaste

Don’t believe that you can ever stop stinking?
We dare you to try our lifestinks sampler.

Experiment with our high performance palette. Fool-proof your purchase. Learn that you, too, can be odor free and dry with lifestinks. In the comfort of your own home, make a decision about which flavor and strength of lifestinks is best for you!

Sustainable Packaging Matters

To date, lifestinks users have kept over 893,599 single-use plastics out of landfills.

Together, we are making a difference. Join us?

Conscious Consumers Purchase for the Planet

1% for the planet member

Our membership in 1% FOR THE PLANET ensures that 1% of every purchase you make with the Duggan Sisters will be donated to a vetted environmental nonprofit dedicated to Environmental Justice.

aluminum free vegan product cruelty free women owned made in the USA
FREE FROM: Aluminum • Fragrance • Triclosan • Talc • GMOs • Gluten • Phthalates • Parabens

Saving the planet saves you money!

Decanter - Refill after 9 Months!
For daily at HOME use, the eco-friendly, refillable stainless-steel decanter comes with a nine-month supply of deodorant. The decanter’s ultra-fine mesh allows for ideal application. Contains 9 months of deodorant. Buy today. Refill in 9 months.
Refill - 9 Month Supply
Mother Earth thanks you for refilling your eco-friendly decanter. This bag contains a 9‑month supply of lifestinks. Yep, that’s right, pennies a day for the world’s smartest and most effective deodorant. Be good to Mother Earth and your budget.
Traveler - 4 Month Supply
When you are AWAY from home – whether you’re traveling, camping, or working out – take advantage of the sealable, recyclable lifestinks everywhere shaker that includes a four-month supply – or 120 applications.

I love your products! I absolutely cannot live without this deodorant. It has been life changing. I tell everyone how great your product is.

Still the best deodorant on the planet. Love it and recommend it to everyone.

I’m a distance runner and your product is fantastic!

Thank you for giving me my confidence back! I just LOVE, LOVE, LOVE lifestinks.

I was skeptical, but man, it's totally great! You have a customer for life.

I’ve tried EVERY natural deodorant without success and WASTED A TON OF MONEY on them! I am AMAZED!

I’m 61 years old and finally found a product that actually works. IT’S A MIRACLE!!! I'm BLOWN AWAY. I had all but given up. Such a wonderful product! LOVE IT! Holds up to my 24-hour shifts.

Customer Reviews

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Not sure

I know it may take time for body to adjust, but having a hard time with one. First couple days burned really bad (afraid to try on freshly shaved pits) and have to apply my other deodorant mid day to attempt to combat odor and I say attempt because it’s an odor I’m not accustomed to. Have not gave up yet

Lexie H
It really works!

I’ve been using natural deodorant for about four years now. I tried EVERYTHING natural on the shelf in stores and nothing even remotely worked. I’ve been using Lume for a year or so and like it but it doesn’t always consistently deliver. It worked for lighter days but not for days when I was really sweaty. I still like Lume, but my mom grabbed me the Dugan Sisters Lavender Extra Strength Travel Shaker and the Lavender Stink Stick to try a couple weeks ago. It actually works consistently and on super sweaty summer days outside. I will say surprisingly the stink stick helps so if you sweat a lot get that too. If you’re sensitive to baking soda this might not be the choice for you though because I think that’s the main ingredient. I have fairly sensitive skin and it hasn’t caused problems. It’s a great product and I would highly recommend it even if every other natural option has failed! Thank you Dugan Sisters:)

Jenna A.
Great stuff!

I have been using non-aluminum/natural deoderant for at least 10 years. It is hard to find the 'healthy' ones that are also effective. This is the real deal - my husband is a super sweater and has used it the last couple of days also with much success. Next, to try to get my 21 year old son with autism onboard, so we are all using the healthiest stuff possible. Thank you Duggan sisters!


This deodorant works, so far I love it!

Laura Laird
It really works!

For the past 10 years+ I have tried SO many natural deodorants, trying to find one that actually takes the smell away. Some might work for a few days or a week, then they just weren’t cutting the stink. I couldn’t even get the stinky smell off my skin. I’d get out of a shower after scrubbing with several soaps and still smell bad. I’ve even used triple antibiotic ointment on my pits because that is the only thing that will keep the smell at bay for a day or two. Additionally, some deodorants had too much baking soda and my pits turned bright red and irritated. This was actually a concern I had, prior to starting this product, as it has a heavy baking-soda base. (I am happy to report that, so far, I haven’t experience redness or irritation. I do have darkened pits, as I explain at the end, but I believe that was already present before trying LifeStinks). I also wondered if my deodorizing needs changed throughout the month, because products that worked some of the time didn’t work at other times; even though my activity levels stayed relatively stable.

So, I saw an advertisement for LifeStinks and, always ready for find the next best thing, I ordered the minis sampler. I decided to start with the REGULAR STRENGTH for the first week or so. I figured that if it didn’t work well, then I could increase strength until I either found what worked or gave up on yet another product.

So, for the last 10 days, I’ve used the tiniest amount (a literal dusting on my finger tips that doesn’t remotely appear like it could coat my whole armpit) Regular Strength in the mornings (I have used some of both scents and haven’t been able to tell a difference in potency). Sometimes I apply after a shower, sometimes straight out of bed. It’s been hot and humid 70s-90s where I live, so perfect testing temps. I don’t work out, but I do stay busy w 4 littles, housework and yardwork. It doesn’t take much for me to start dripping sweat.

I know I’ve been sweating, my pits are damp. But so far, I DON’T STINK!! In fact, I don’t smell at all!!! There have been times I thought I was stinky, but it has actually been the old t-shirt I was wearing and not my actual skin. In fact, I haven’t had a stinky-sweaty smell AT ALL. It’s so crazy!!! I barely put anything on and IT WORKS!! And I don’t usually even have to reapply later in the day, which has been the case with all the other products I’ve tried.

So, what is different about this stuff? I don’t know. One of the biggest things is the way it is applied. I’ve been suspicious that bacteria has a chance to grow on typical wipe-on deodorant. Maybe that’s part of the reason they don’t work as well as time goes on? If that’s true, Life Stinks has remedied that problem by using a dry powder that first goes on finger tips before the underarms. The container has little to no chance of becoming contaminated.

I also love how LITTLE I use. It doesn’t seem possible that a barely visible amount that clearly can’t “coat” the whole pit, is totally effective.

So the only thing I’m working through now is trying to lighten and heal my darkened armpits. They look stained. I know there are several possible reasons for this, but am hopeful that time will heal.

I am a total believer in this product!!! I am so thankful to have finally found a product that works and is safe for me and my kids who will be needing this stuff soon enough!!