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Not satisfied with the natural bug repellents on the market, and too health-& earth-conscious to wear destructive chemicals, the Duggan Sisters created lifestings: a plant-based, minty-fresh, powerhouse of a bug repellent. 10x more effective than DEET.

Say goodbye to mosquitoes, ticks, black flies, no-see-ums, chiggers and more!

Nothing ruins your time in the great outdoors like bug bites. And increasingly, insects are more than just pests; they also carry debilitating disease. Not satisfied with the natural bug repellents on the market, the Duggan Sisters created lifestings: a plant-based, minty-fresh, powerhouse of a bug repellent. Fueled by catnip oil, scientifically proven 10x more effective than dangerous DEET, lifestings also contains a highly effective anti-tick agent. Another revolutionary product from the makers of lifestinks.

Beat DEET, naturally!

Say goodbye to mosquitos, ticks and more
10x more effective than DEET - fueled by catnip
Safe for all ages
Minty Fresh
Safe for lakes and rivers

Proven around the world

Our customers have tested lifestings all over the world and consistently reported that it outperforms DEET!

Lifestings around the globe

Camping in Yosemite

Medical missions in Africa

Fishing in the Boundary Waters

Kayaking in the Bayou

Hunting in Pennsylvania

Hiking in the rainforest of Costa Rica

BBQs, beaches and backyards


Does a FANTASTIC JOB! It repelled the mosquitoes better than the 70% DEET bug-spray did. It worked in the woods while camping and I usually attract them.

It really works for me, and I am a mosquito magnet. For me to be outside without dozens of bites is outstanding. It has the added bonus of smelling lovely. I was actually complemented on it by people who didn't know it was a repellent.

I love this product.

The product does keep mosquitoes from biting. It has a pleasant smell and texture.

I used the spray while on a fishing trip in Upper Michigan and it worked great.

We have been so pleased with this lotion. It's super light and actually smells terrific. We are thankful for an effective alternative to DEET.

Absolutely loved the bug repellant. We have a place deep in the North Woods. Couldn't believe it worked better than OFF.

DEET free vegan product cruelty free women owned made in the USA
FREE FROM: DEET • GMOs • Gluten • Parabens • Phthalates • Nut or Mineral Oils • PEGs • Propylene Glycol

Layer on protection TODAY!

Available in both a summery light lotion and a refreshing water-based spray. Wear them independently or layer them for increased protection.

Lifestings Protection

Non-GMO ingredients. Powered by catnip oil.

ORGANIC LOTION Ingredients: Water (Aqua), Organic Virgin Coconut (Cocos nucifera) oil, Organic Jojoba (Simmondsia chinensis) oil, Emulsifying Wax NF (plant based), Grapefruit (Citrus grandis) seed extract, Proprietary blend of 100% Natural Essential Oils including Catnip* (Nepeta cataria) oil

WATER-BASED SPRAY Ingredients: Water (Aqua); Proprietary blend of 100% Natural Essential Oils including Catnip* (Nepeta Cataria) oil; plant-sourced, biodegradable emulsifier


Let’s protect and explore our natural world together. Enjoy the outdoors responsibly with lifestings. Dive into lakes and rivers without wearing chemicals. Whether pristine wilderness or your own back yard, for peace of mind, leave nothing behind.

Conscious Consumers Purchase for the Planet

1% for the planet member

Our membership in 1% FOR THE PLANET ensures that 1% of every purchase you make with the Duggan Sisters will be donated to a vetted environmental nonprofit dedicated to Environmental Justice.


Mosquitoes are attracted to human foot odor. Deodorize your feet with lifestinks deodorant and give bugs the boot. It’s time to enjoy the great outdoors, again.

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Customer Reviews

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Excellent customer service

Getting used to the deodorants in the trial pack. I think they’re going to work for me. Looking forward to being outside more and testing the life stings products!
Excellent customer service!!! I love the hand written thank you note in the shipment - what a great personal touch in this electronic society we have! Thanks, ladies!!

Love this product!

This bug repellent is amazing! Effective and is safe and smells great. My kids love putting it on.

Works like a charm!

I've been using LifeStings for...I'm not sure how long but a long time. I love that it is more effective than deet and has no yucky stuff. I buy a fresh batch every year and sometimes have to purchase twice in a season because everyone in our family loves it.

Genuine Care

Thank you for the prompt delivery of my Life Stinks refill and Life Stings new container. Your products work so well against ordor and the bug are repelled with a clean feel on my skin. Thank you for working out the ingredients in your products as they agree with me with strong results.

Heidi Gregg

Have not used yet. Still a lot of snow. No bugs, too cold.