Life Support (FAQs)

We love lifestinks and other life-changing products we make and think you will, too. In fact, as Sisters who ran a healing center for years, we're normally able to help you solve the bump in the road before giving up on you and your sucessful transiton to a healthy deodorant. If you are having any "issues" making the switch, contact us. If we can't figure it out together, you can of course return or exchange your products within 30 days of receipt for a full refund. But we always try to help you first! We prefer to help you be happy and to reduce the waste of returns. 

In fact, we’re so confident that you’ll love lifestinks that we’ll even cover the cost of return shipping.

We use USPS First Class or Priority service depending on the weight of your package. Both services provide online tracking and delivery confirmation. In general, USPS Priority mail provides 1-3 day service, depending on your distance from Chicago. However, this is estimated delivery time is not guaranteed by the USPS.

We ship Monday through Friday from Chicago.  Orders will ship by the next business date, at the latest.  We ship with USPS.  Due to Covid-19, they are experiencing some delays.  Estimated arrival dates are just that - estimates. We appreciate your patience. We're in this together. 

GREETINGS, U.S. Service Men and Women!

We hope you enjoy our lifestinks® deodorant. We think it’s a perfect product for everyone in the Service. We're happy to ship it to your APO/FPO/DPO address. Because this time, we’re here TO SERVE YOU!

Q: How do I address the package?  

Ciao! G’day! ¡Hola! Hallo! Salut! Salve! Grüß dich! Olá! Hej! 

Hello Global Friends! 

YES WE CAN...ship Duggan Sisters products to you! Read more for details...

OH, CANADA! Try our $10 flat rate shipping.

Hey big stinkers, there’s no need to worry about breakthrough odor with lifestinks® deodorant.

We’ve created our stinkstick® so you can boost the power of lifestinks deodorant. You’re back in charge of odor. Our sleek and ultra chic mini roll-on gives you the opportunity to go for the gusto when you need to. Simply roll a smidge of stinkstick booster oil on your fingertip and apply to armpit. Follow with lifestinks dry deodorant.

    Read on for more stinkstick tips...

    Have fun choosing the best version of lifestinks® for you!

    The Duggan Sisters have created two ways for you to increase the strength of your deodorant. We always suggest that you start out slowly and gently by selecting a Regular Strength formulation — our deodorant is powerful. If you are having any breakthrough odor at the end of a few days using the regular strength of either infusion, then

    Have fun choosing the best version of lifestinks® for you!

    The Duggan Sisters have created two botanical infusions for you to choose from. Our lavender infusion remains our biggest seller and it is available in both Regular Strength blue label or Extra Strength green label. Our cedarwood infusion, also available in Regular Strength red label and Extra Strength orange label is perfect for folks who just don’t like lavender and those with sensitive pits.

    Both of our botanical infusions work very effectively as foot powders, and are highly prized by customers who have never found anything more effective in addressing foot odor, athlete’s foot and other fungal conditions. Simply sprinkle it on your feet before putting on shoes, socks or sandals. We have had lots of Mom’s report that they sprinkle it in all their kids’ shoes.

    We recommend that women start with our lavender lifestinks as so many women shave their underarm, and lavender has soothing properties for the skin. Remember, no deodorant should be applied immediately after shaving, including ours. Until you determine your personal comfort level, try to separate the two activities (shaving and applying deodorant). Some ladies are able to apply to a dry armpit shortly after shaving, others shave the night before and apply deodorant to a clean armpit in the morning. Proceed with caution to keep your pits comfortable.

    The detoxification process can contribute to itchy armpits for some individuals. Itch is part of the body getting rid of stuff is doesn’t want, doesn’t need, and can’t process. Brace yourself, here is a little armpit story from Mary. When I was 25 years old, I dropped out of college and moved to...

    smartsoak® is our answer to all the clients who complain that they only have time to shower.

    Convinced of the importance of mineral baths, we have long asked our clients: “WHAT DO WE HAVE TO DO TO GET YOU TO BATHE?” To encourage soaking, we have made it simple by concentrating so many healing properties into our smartsoaks that even the occasional soak is highly beneficial.

    “Taking the Waters” has long been among the most time tested and highly valued preventive and palliative health treatments. Spas and resorts around the world have always developed in the vicinity of mineral rich hot springs. With our Duggan Sisters smartsoaks you can ...