Do you have an unscented variety?

Yes! All of our deodorants are unscented. Our lavender, cedarwood and tea tree essential oils aren't fragrances.  They are active ingredients with a job to do: keeping you odor free.  

Lifestinks doesn't mask your odor, it neutralizes it.  While we want you to enjoy that pop of our infusions when you apply it in the morning, within 5 minutes you shouldn't smell anything.  Not lifestinks. Not your B.O. Nothing. 

Keep in mind that "scent" or "perfume" is a term from the chemical industry.  It allows chemically-based brands to hide up to 3,000 chemicals behind the term "perfume".  To create unscented products, they put in chemicals to make other smells go away.  It doesn't necessarily mean purity.   

On the other hand, think of all the natural smells in your life, like slicing open a lemon in your kitchen.  It isn't "lemon-scented"; it's a lemon! And it has natural powers that you can put to work for you. That's how our essential oil infusions work. Think of it as "flower power" - those amazing plants are there to do a job. Namely, keeping you odor free, all day long. 

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