Life Support (FAQs)

Both of our botanical infusions work very effectively as foot powders, and are highly prized by customers who have never found anything more effective in addressing foot odor, athlete’s foot and other fungal conditions. Simply sprinkle it on your feet before putting on shoes, socks or sandals. We have had lots of Mom’s report that they sprinkle it in all their kids’ shoes.

We recommend that women start with our lavender lifestinks as so many women shave their underarm, and lavender has soothing properties for the skin. Remember, no deodorant should be applied immediately after shaving, including ours. Until you determine your personal comfort level, try to separate the two activities (shaving and applying deodorant). Some ladies are able to apply to a dry armpit shortly after shaving, others shave the night before and apply deodorant to a clean armpit in the morning. Proceed with caution to keep your pits comfortable.

The detoxification process can contribute to itchy armpits for some individuals. Itch is part of the body getting rid of stuff is doesn’t want, doesn’t need, and can’t process. Brace yourself, here is a little armpit story from Mary. When I was 25 years old, I dropped out of college and moved to...

smartsoak® is our answer to all the clients who complain that they only have time to shower.

Convinced of the importance of mineral baths, we have long asked our clients: “WHAT DO WE HAVE TO DO TO GET YOU TO BATHE?” To encourage soaking, we have made it simple by concentrating so many healing properties into our smartsoaks that even the occasional soak is highly beneficial.

“Taking the Waters” has long been among the most time tested and highly valued preventive and palliative health treatments. Spas and resorts around the world have always developed in the vicinity of mineral rich hot springs. With our Duggan Sisters smartsoaks you can ...

More information on redness and rash — In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) rash is heat and heat is a part of the natural purification process commonly called detoxification.

Remember our deodorant is designed to stimulate lymphatic function, while it keeps you fresh. Our experience has been that once you stop putting toxins into or on your body, your body responds immediately by trying to get rid of stored toxins...

...It’s all part of detox — a strange and wonderful body process. We are self-healing, self-cleansing machines!

Wouldn’t you love a deodorant that’s good for you, good for the planet and actually works? Switch to lifestinks. Made with just three simple ingredients: aluminum-free sodium bicarbonate, tea tree oil and either lavender or cedarwood oil — lifestinks offers 100% coverage without any toxins. 

Our eco-friendly, refillable stainless-steel decanter comes with a nine-month supply of deodorant powder. Yep, that means lifestinks costs $3.50  dollars a month to get started and just $2.50 a month once you start refilling. Congratulations! By joining the lifestinks family, you have reduced your carbon footprint, improved your health and put the kibosh on B.O...

Take a minute to ponder a few questions about your current deodorant.

  1. Does your deodorant leave your clothing stained and stinky — even after laundering or dry cleaning?

  2. Do you find that your deodorant often fails you by mid-day? Are you actually carrying deodorant with you for touch-ups throughout the day?

  3. Do you find yourself buying increasingly stronger deodorants that still don’t get the job done?

  4. Have you ever had a hard time getting your deodorant to come off in the shower?

  5. Are you worried by reports of cancer being linked to deodorant use?

  6. Are you concerned by press reports that the aluminum in your anti-perspirant might be linked to Alzheimer’s and other neurological disorders?

  7. Do you know what the chemical ingredients in your deodorant even mean?

  8. Do you worry about the environmental impact of all the deodorant containers you’re throwing away each year?

  9. Do you have a drawer filled with natural deodorants that you purchased only to discover they didn’t get the job done?

  10. Have you ever noticed how little deodorant is actually contained in your stick?

Now consider a revolutionary new approach to deodorant.

    Your $33 investment in lifestinks deodorant puts money in your pocket!

    Our eco-friendly, refillable stainless-steel decanter comes with a nine-month supply of deodorant powder. Yep, that means lifestinks costs $3.50 a month to get started and just $2.50  a month once you start refilling. Congratulations! By joining the lifestinks family, you can reduce your carbon footprint, put the kibosh on B.O. and save money.

    1. Have you checked out the price per ounce of the deodorant you currently use? A recent trip to our local drug store revealed that commercial deodorants range in price from $2.00 – $6.00 an ounce.
    2. Can you afford the increased dry cleaning and laundering expenses?
    3. Can you afford the cost of replacing clothing damaged by underarm stains?
    4. Can you afford the lost peace of mind — wondering if your deodorant or anti-perspirant might actually be making you sick?
    5. Can you afford the embarrassment and frustration of mid-day odor breakthroughs?
    6. Want to recession-proof the cost of your personal care products? Lifestinks can be shared by the whole family and works great as a foot powder, too!
    We recognize that you have an interest in how we collect, retain and use information about you. The Duggan Sisters has created this Privacy and Security Policy statement in order to demonstrate and communicate its commitment to doing business with the highest ethical standards and appropriate in...