Will I still sweat?

First of all, let's talk about sweat. In our experience as lymphatic wellness specialists, hyperhidrosis is a phony diagnosis. While antiperspirant marketing campaigns are selling you products to stop wetness, the chemicals in their products are actually making you wet. 

Their aluminum-laced products are designed block your sweat glands. But your amazing lymph nodes are fighting back, pumping extra water to the area in an attempt to flush out the invading chemical toxins.  So many folks who think of themselves as super sweaty, actually have an immune system fighting to protect them from chemical products! Wow.

Enter lifestinks.  It won't suppress your body's ability to sweat (that's a good thing).  For example, when running a marathon, your body needs to sweat. And it will. But you won't stink. (Go ahead and hug your family at the finish line!)

However, on a regular day, you'll stay comfortably dry.  You start dry to stay dry. Our safe effective odor neutralizing product won't set off alarms for your body's lymphatic system.  Even folks who have a history of big super-sweaters will be dry. 

NOTE: If you've been suffering from extreme wetness,  you may need to give lifestinks 3-10 days to kick in.   Some people are dry day one. God bless them. However, the overactive pumps in your body are like a speeding train. They can't stop on a dime.  But within a few days, your body will get the message that it is no longer under attack from chemicals and will slow the lymphatic flow to your pits. The result: you'll be like everyone who is comfortably dry wearing lifestinks. 

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