We ♥ big stinkers

Hey big stinkers, there’s no need to worry about breakthrough odor with lifestinks®® deodorant. We’ve created our stinkstick® so you can boost the power of lifestinks deodorant. You’re back in charge of odor. Our sleek and ultra chic mini roll-on gives you the opportunity to go for the gusto when you need to. Simply roll a smidge of stinkstick booster oil on your fingertip and apply to armpit. Follow with lifestinks dry deodorant.

  • Our stinksticks contain 110 applications of the same pure Australian botanical oils that deeply infuse our dry lifestinks deodorant.
  • Our stinksticks come in both lavender and cedarwood infusions.
  • Make certain that your stinkstick infusion matches your dry deodorant.
  • The addition of our stinkstick is a winning one two punch combating the bacteria that causes odor.
  • Our stinksticks are not designed to combat wetness — that’s the job of our pure sodium bicarbonate. Stinksticksmust be followed with our dry lifestinks deodorant.
  • Our stinkstick is a must for stressful days and challenging synthetic fabrics.
  • Our stinkstick make it possible for people with different degrees of body odor to share our product.

Travel with confidence to the stickiest climates. Our stinkstick is the perfect mini companion to your lifestinks everywhere. Along with our super thrifty gusseted refill bags, a stinkstick makes your lifestinks purchase an environmentally sound, safe and effective deodorant choice.

Never hesitate to grab a stinkstick

Whatever you do, when your lifestinks no longer needs a boost, keep your stinkstick near at hand. It is great to dab on bug bites as it quickly relieves the burning itch, redness and welts that occur. It’s also great on zits. Keep it in your medicine cabinet or first aid kit for all purpose wound care. Long after you no longer need it for your pits, you will be repurposing it time and time again. Be sure to check out the video to learn more about wonderful ideas!

Attention clinical strength customers!

If you are a currently wearing a commercial Clinical Strength Antiperspirant, here’s our solution. Combine our Extra Strength lifestinks dry formula with a matching stinkstick. Sit back and watch your armpit heal. Before you know it, you won’t need a stinkstick. More amazing still? You’ll be in regular strength before you know it.

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