Which strength is right for you?

Have fun choosing the best version of lifestinks® for you!

You have flavor and strength options.

The Duggan Sisters have created two ways for you to increase the strength of your deodorant. We always suggest that you start out slowly and gently by selecting a Regular Strength formulation — our deodorant is powerful. If you are having any breakthrough odor at the end of a few days using the regular strength of either infusion, then add one dot of the matching deodorant booster oil stinkstick® to your regimen, followed of course with the dry powder. Never wear your stinkstick without the dry version of lifestinks. This combination will do the trick for even the biggest stinkers.

Read more about our stinksticks here.

If you are consistently applying the stinkstick then you might want to consider upgrading to the Extra Strength in either line. This frequently makes it possible to forego your stinkstick altogether.

Watch this video to hear the Sisters explain your options for staying odor-free all day long.

Remember, our products are designed for family members to share. While one member might get perfect coverage with Regular Strength, another might need to add in a stinkstick. We think it’s a nifty solution.

HOLD ONTO THAT stinkstick
Whatever you do, when your lifestinks no longer needs a boost, keep your stinkstick near at hand. It is great to dab on bug bites as it quickly relieves the burning itch, redness and welts that occur. It’s also great on zits. Keep it in your medicine cabinet or first aid kit for all purpose wound care. Long after you no longer need it for your pits, you will be repurposing it time and time again.

If you are a currently wearing a commercial Clinical Strength Antiperspirant, then you might want to use both the Extra Strength lifestinks dry formula with a matching stinkstick until your lymphatic system has had a chance to recuperate. With repeated wearing, lifestinks users commonly report that they are able to scale back their deodorant needs and often move quickly to getting perfect coverage with the Regular Strength dry formula lifestinks. We even have long-term users who report successfully skipping a day between deodorant applications and experiencing no odor whatsoever — an unheard of occurrence with commercial deodorants.

Hope this helps you get started making your switch to lifestinks deodorant. Still uncertain? Pick up a lifestinks mini sampler and play around with your options at home. A lifestinks sampler is also a great way to gift our products while allowing your family and friends to make their own choice on flavor and strength. Enjoy!

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