Which flavor is right for you?

Have fun choosing the best version of lifestinks® for you!

You have flavor and strength options.

Which flavor is right for you?

The Duggan Sisters have created two botanical infusions for you to choose from. Our lavender infusion remains our biggest seller and it is available in both Regular Strength blue label or Extra Strength green label. Our cedarwood infusion, also available in Regular Strength red label and Extra Strength orange label is perfect for folks who just don’t like lavender and those with sensitive pits. We find both infusions are gender neutral, with men and women selecting comfortably from both lines. We are big fans of the extra healing properties of lavender and still recommend it for folks with fair skin and light hair and eye color; but, the choice is yours. Or consider a yin/yang approach to your deodorant needs: switch back and forth between the two lines on different days.

Watch this video to hear the Sisters explain the finer points of your flavor options.

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