All Solutions from the Sisters

We make deodorant and bug repellents that outperform their chemical counterparts. You could say lifestinks is the Best Damn Deodorant that happens to be natural and refillable.  Ditto for our lifestings bug repellent.  It is 10x more effective than DEET. 

Enjoy shopping for our safe, effective solutions to life's most human issues: stink & sting.  And be sure to try a smartsoak to drain the pain.
  1. Four part lifestinks deodorant line in lavender regular strength. Blue and black labels on a stainless sifter decanter, a white plastic sifter travel container, a blown glass roll on, and a silver refill pouch.
  1. lifestings® catnip-infused spray & lotion
  1. smartsoak®
  1. deodorant minis sampler (4 months of lifestinks)
  1. outdoor skin trio
  1. outdoor sampler (with deodorant)
  1. YOUR NEW YEAR WON'T STINK! (16 months of deodorant starter set)
  1. the whole megillah
  1. stinkstick deodorant booster (follow with dry deodorant)