Can you really afford the deodorant you are currently using?

Your $33 investment in lifestinks deodorant puts money in your pocket!

Our eco-friendly, refillable stainless-steel decanter comes with a nine-month supply of deodorant powder. Yep, that means lifestinks costs $3.50 a month to get started and just $2.50  a month once you start refilling. Congratulations! By joining the lifestinks family, you can reduce your carbon footprint, put the kibosh on B.O. and save money.

  1. Have you checked out the price per ounce of the deodorant you currently use? A recent trip to our local drug store revealed that commercial deodorants range in price from $2.00 – $6.00 an ounce.
  2. Can you afford the increased dry cleaning and laundering expenses?
  3. Can you afford the cost of replacing clothing damaged by underarm stains?
  4. Can you afford the lost peace of mind — wondering if your deodorant or anti-perspirant might actually be making you sick?
  5. Can you afford the embarrassment and frustration of mid-day odor breakthroughs?
  6. Want to recession-proof the cost of your personal care products? Lifestinks can be shared by the whole family and works great as a foot powder, too!

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