smartsoak® is our answer to all the clients who complain that they only have time to shower.Convinced of the importance of mineral baths, we have long asked our clients: “WHAT DO WE HAVE TO DO TO GET YOU TO BATHE?” To encourage soaking, we have made it simple by concentrating so many healing properties into our smartsoaks that even the occasional soak is highly beneficial.

“Taking the Waters” has long been among the most time tested and highly valued preventive and palliative health treatments. Spas and resorts around the world have always developed in the vicinity of mineral rich hot springs. With our duggan sisters smartsoaks you can replicate this relaxing and restorative experience in the privacy and comfort of your own home without the expense and time commitment of going to a spa. Or take our nifty 16 ounce package with you on your next vacation or business trip to turn every tub into a spa.

Inspired by the sixteen towering Junipers that line the western edge of the Rose Cottage, our smartsoaks are unique in their inclusion of precious juniper berry oil. When we first moved to the Rose Cottage, Tibetan Lama Lobsang Palden Rinpoche while blessing our healing center commented on how fortunate we were to have the healing and purifying effects of Juniper constantly cleansing the air surrounding the cottage.

Mary began immediately to work with Juniper berry oil and was amazed at the significant impact it had on the bath experience — muscle ache simply could not stand up to the powerful effect of Juniper berry oil.

Our smartsoaks include:

  • Vitamin C to de-chlorinate the water. Why take in a toxin when you’re soaking for your health?
  • Sodium Bicarbonate to heal skin damaged from over exposure to the sun — look out bug bites.
  • Magnesium Sulfate to rebuild damaged joints and raise serotonin levels for an increased sense of well being.
  • And of course with all Duggan Sister products, healing botanical oils from Australia, tested for purity and efficacy.
  • Available in lavender for sleepy time, grapefruit for a pick-me-up, or eucalyptus for relief of cold and flu symptoms, they make a thoughtful gift, especially paired with our soap.

Smartly packaged for travel or gift-giving, our nifty smartsoaks are highly concentrated: each pack is a full treatment. Place the entire contents in a warm tub and soak until you forget your name. Priced well below the cost of massage or other body work you can afford to treat yourself often to the healing waters with our smartsoaks. They are an absolute must for anyone participating in a detoxification program. 

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