Stinky, stained & searching?

Take a minute to ponder a few questions about your current deodorant.

  1. Does your deodorant leave your clothing stained and stinky — even after laundering or dry cleaning?

  2. Do you find that your deodorant often fails you by mid-day? Are you actually carrying deodorant with you for touch-ups throughout the day?

  3. Do you find yourself buying increasingly stronger deodorants that still don’t get the job done?

  4. Have you ever had a hard time getting your deodorant to come off in the shower?

  5. Are you worried by reports of cancer being linked to deodorant use?

  6. Are you concerned by press reports that the aluminum in your anti-perspirant might be linked to Alzheimer’s and other neurological disorders?

  7. Do you know what the chemical ingredients in your deodorant even mean?

  8. Do you worry about the environmental impact of all the deodorant containers you’re throwing away each year?

  9. Do you have a drawer filled with natural deodorants that you purchased only to discover they didn’t get the job done?

  10. Have you ever noticed how little deodorant is actually contained in your stick?

Now consider a revolutionary new approach to deodorant.

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