Getting rid of stored toxins

More information on redness and rash — In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) rash is heat and heat is a part of the natural purification process commonly called detoxification.

Think of the body throwing off sickness in the form of rashes, pimples, pustules, boils, abscesses — aren’t the words themselves just disgusting. Heat in the armpit is red and hot and uncomfortable — but just think about what is probably stored in the lymphatic system that we all commonly call the armpits. Think about everything that you have rubbed, sprayed, and rolled onto that area. Think about how many years you have been doing it. Baby, it ain’t pretty. Trained in Manual Lymphatic Drainage, we’ve had our hands in plenty of armpits and had to deal with plenty of lumpy, bumpy, dysfunctional lymph nodes that we believe to be contaminated with you know what. Remember our deodorant is designed to stimulate lymphatic function, while it keeps you fresh. Our experience has been that once you stop putting toxins into or on your body, your body responds immediately by trying to get rid of stored toxins.

Special note to people of color:

Some African American clients have experienced a discoloration of their armpits that resembles a bruise after a few weeks of using our product. Some of them have been concerned and discontinued use. Others have called us, weathered the detox and gone on to become dedicated users of lifestinks. Here’s the thing, blood rushes to the scene of the crime, and it is criminal what people have been doing to their armpits. Once the body gets the message that no more junk is going to be applied, aka somebody switches to our lifestinksDeodorant, the body sends blood to the scene of the crime. It’s all part of detox — a strange and wonderful body process. We are self-healing, self-cleansing machines!

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