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Stories Matter to the Sisters

Our healing center has taught us to honor story. Working with clients at the Rose Cottage has reinforced our respect for the healing imperative that is story. To effectively facilitate another person’s healing you have to understand and respect their soul’s story.

Powerful, effective healers, be they physicians, priests, ministers, therapists, teachers, family or friends are always distinguished by one central quality — a listening heart. To facilitate deep and soul-full healing you must be able to: elicit story; truly hear story; interpret story; honor story; and ultimately hold story for another.

Powerful healers move others gracefully past small talk and chatter and deeply into the storyline that both protects and reveals the soul. In essence, the role of the Transformational Reiki Master Healer is to reconnect clients to their own soul’s story. Reiki has always been a very important part of the work the Duggan Sisters do. Reiki addresses the consciousness, or soul story, that underlies all disease and suffering. The Duggan Sisters always consciously bring the healing energy of Reiki to all of their activities; hence, they are always interested in the soul story of the people they meet each day.

We are all healed by knowing and honoring each other’s story just as we are all diminished by casual gossip, judgments, or worst of all slander — the intentional misrepresentation of another soul’s story. All of the contrived dramas and reality shows on television only increase our longing for the real drama only story captures. We hunger to know each other’s stories. We hunger to connect.

Healthy cultures revere the storyteller. Healthy individuals revere each other’s story. The Duggan Sisters are captured and held sway by the spirit of story — their own stories and the stories of others. So always look for stories from the Sisters — along with products designed to transform your life.

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