The Opposite of Doing Nothing? Give 1%!

The Opposite of Doing Nothing? Give 1%!

In the early days of establishing the Duggan Sisters, we devoured business books. And one of our favorite authors from that feast of creative thinkers, was Yvan Chouinard, the iconic founder of Patagonia. His bestselling Let My People Go Surfing bolstered our efforts to center the environment in the heart of our business model. Thirteen years later, we are proud to announce that the Duggan Sisters have formally joined Chouinard’s environmental protection organization - 1% for the Planet. It means a lot to us as a family and it will hopefully mean as much to you as conscious consumers. From this Earth Day forward your purchases with the Duggan Sisters will be amplified by our participation in this respected effort.

In choosing Duggan Sisters products you have distinguished yourself by joining the ranks of the world’s most conscious shoppers. You’ve said a resounding yes to ingredients free from chemical toxins and embraced our revolutionary dry deodorant delivery - the only deodorant in the marketplace that allows for refillable packaging. And we’ve got the plastic reduction statistics to prove your positive impact.

With your purchase of our lifestings bug repellent, you have once again paired your love of all natural ingredients with a higher environmental calling. Wearing Duggan Sister products ensures that your interactions with the natural world will first DO NO HARM and fulfill our mutual and ongoing efforts to Leave No Trace.

Today, in gratitude for your continued support, we proudly announce that we have joined 1% FOR THE PLANET, ensuring that each and every purchase you make with the Sisters will support environmental healing. To date 1% FOR THE PLANET has directed over $250 million to grassroots organizations working toward a better world. And now with your purchase of Duggan Sisters products you will be a part of this essential effort. 1% of everything you spend with us will be donated to a vetted environmental nonprofit dedicated to Environmental Justice.

Our planet is in grave peril and doing nothing is not an option. We deeply appreciate being a small but effective part of your efforts to save our beautiful planet while we still can.

Earth Day 2021

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