the self-care pack

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Pick your smartsoak
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Show folks you care! This three-piece gift set includes two lifestinks minis in our top-selling lavender regular and lavender extra strength infusions plus your choice of smartsoak:
  • LAVENDER to encourage restful sleep and peace of mind.
  • EUCALYPTUS to relieve sinus congestion and ease flu symptoms.


Anxious, aching, depressed or in pain? Relax deeply while essential minerals and dynamic botanical oils rejunveate your muscles, restore your energy, and lift your mood. Dissolve into our naturally dechlorinated smartsoak® today. Perfect for athletes and the ailing, gardeners and grade-schoolers, and YOU!

  • no bubbles
  • no perfume
  • no oily mess

DISSOLVE entire contents in a tub of warm water and soak for at least twenty minutes. The longer you soak, the greater the benefits. And don't scrimp. It takes the whole bag, plus the bicarbonate insert, to get the full healing effect. 

Perfectly sized for travel, too. Makes an ideal gift.

lifestinks. you won't. 

lifestinks deodorant minis: Friends and family will ENJOY receiving two 30-day trials of our top selling botanical infusions. The perfect gift for the curious green advocate, the health enthusiast, or the high performance athlete on your list. Watch giggles turn to delight as they receive their own lifestinks sampler and can finally experience the deodorant you have been telling them so much about. ​ 

Customer Reviews

Based on 73 reviews
Tim Egan
Soft Soak

It's like bathing in liquid pillows

Theola Carter
Yes Id recommend

I was stressing when my cousin sent me several of the soaks. I just took it one day.. put on a candle ...turned on some slow jams and just relaxed. I got out felt rejuvenated. I like so much I gave to all the women for Christmas in my family and When and then I sent several packages to a friend who was stressing in her position so she could have the same experience. Yes highly recommended.

Better than a spa

We have been enjoying these soaks for several years. For Christmas we restocked our supply and bought some for our very active offspring (27-33). My Type A spouse really loves the lavender soaks and actually relaxes and unwinds. The scent is lovely, but not overpowering or "fake" - I enthusiastically recommend them!


One bag to be used in entirety for one bath?? That’s an expensive soak! I’m sure it’s great but doubtful I will order again. This should be in bold print when ordering so customers know what they are getting for the price. Thanks.


Just received my products today. They smell great. However it should be more clear when ordering that 1 bag of product is to be used for just ONE BATH. I would not have spent more than $20 for something to just get the benefit of 1 bath from it. Doubtful I will order again.