YOUR NEW YEAR WON'T STINK! (16 months of deodorant starter set)

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Big Stinker? Add a stinkstick® deodorant booster!
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Get someone you love started with lifestinks!  Treat yourself to the healthy deodorant that actually works!

With four lifestinks everywhere travel deodorants, each containing a 4-month supply of your favorite safe, effective, start dry/stay dry, absolutely odor free deodorant, you are gifting 16 MONTHS of ODOR FREE JOY! 

Contains 1 each: lavender regular strength, lavender extra strength, cedarwood regular strength, cedarwood extra strength.  Our nifty, biodegradable gift wrap is optional.

Fed up with natural deodorants that failed, the Duggan Sisters developed lifestinks - the natural deodorant that actually works.

EXPERIENCE the lifestinks advantage

Start dry. Stay dry

Start dry. Stay dry

Odor free. All day long

Odor free. All day long

Uniquely Refillable

Uniquely Refillable

Gender Neutral

Gender Neutral



All our ingredients are active. No fillers.

Pick your flavor:

lavender scent
cedarwood scent

Neutralize odor naturally:

Tea Tree Essential Oil

(in all our deodorants)

The medical grade tea tree oil (melaleuca alternifolia) in our REGULAR strength deodorants addresses the bacteria and fungus that cause odor.

For our EXTRA strength varieties, we blend multiple species of melaleuca, which our Australian growers have harvested to provide enhanced odor control.

Organic Sodium Bicarbonate

(dry powder base for all our deodorants)

Our earth-mined, aluminum-free sodium bicarbonate base is organic, alkaline, and anti-fungal.

It is harvested from natural deposits with a water process that is healthy for the Earth, the surrounding communities and you!

Our base amplifies our botanical infusions.

aluminum free vegan product cruelty free women owned made in the USA
FREE FROM: Aluminum • Fragrance • Triclosan • Talc • GMOs • Gluten • Phthalates • Parabens

Attention Big Stinkers!

We've got your back. Well, at least we've got your pits. Welcome to stinkstick. Use one smidge of our 100% pure deodorant oil to boost your lifestinks. Everyday or occasionally. You decide.

Not to be used separately. Always follow with dry lifestinks deodorant. Multipurpose.

extra odor control ease the itch pimple buster athlete's foot wound care
stink stick

Protection Perfection

By insisting on a dry delivery, the Duggan Sisters revolutionized the deodorant industry.

  • our aluminum-free deodorant is refillable
  • our earth-mined sodium bicarbonate base is organic, alkaline, and anti-fungal
  • our base amplifies our botanical infusions


naturally odor-free, all day long.

Versatility adds value

Dry shampoo, Food powder, Toothpaste

Don’t believe that you can ever stop stinking?
We dare you to try our lifestinks sampler.

Experiment with our high performance palette. Fool-proof your purchase. Learn that you, too, can be odor free and dry with lifestinks. In the comfort of your own home, make a decision about which flavor and strength of lifestinks is best for you!

Sustainable Packaging Matters

To date, lifestinks users have kept over 893,599 single-use plastics out of landfills.

Together, we are making a difference. Join us?

Conscious Consumers Purchase for the Planet

1% for the planet member

Our membership in 1% FOR THE PLANET ensures that 1% of every purchase you make with the Duggan Sisters will be donated to a vetted environmental nonprofit dedicated to Environmental Justice.

Saving the planet saves you money!

Decanter - Refill after 9 Months!
Lifetime Decanter
The eco-friendly, refillable stainless-steel decanter comes with a nine-month supply of deodorant. The decanter’s ultra-fine mesh allows for ideal application. Includes 9 months of deodorant. Refillable forever.
Refill - 9 Month Supply
Mother Earth thanks you for refilling your eco-friendly decanter. This bag contains a 9‑month supply of lifestinks. Yep, that’s right, pennies a day for the world’s smartest and most effective deodorant. Be good to Mother Earth and your budget.
Traveler - 4 Month Supply
Lifestinks Everywhere
Wherever you go – whether you’re at home, traveling, camping, or working out – take advantage of the sealable, refillable, recyclable lifestinks everywhere shaker that includes a four-month supply – or 120 applications.

I love your products! I absolutely cannot live without this deodorant. It has been life changing. I tell everyone how great your product is.

Still the best deodorant on the planet. Love it and recommend it to everyone.

I’m a distance runner and your product is fantastic!

Thank you for giving me my confidence back! I just LOVE, LOVE, LOVE lifestinks.

I was skeptical, but man, it's totally great! You have a customer for life.

I’ve tried EVERY natural deodorant without success and WASTED A TON OF MONEY on them! I am AMAZED!

I’m 61 years old and finally found a product that actually works. IT’S A MIRACLE!!! I'm BLOWN AWAY. I had all but given up. Such a wonderful product! LOVE IT! Holds up to my 24-hour shifts.

Customer Reviews

Based on 720 reviews
Life no longer stinks

I ordered the sample pack and instantly knew it was unlike any deodorant I had ever purchased. I ordered the 4-month container and gave the sample sizes to family and friends. They all experienced the same and I know one of them (my friend) has since ordered the 4-ounce container. Family has been using mine, so I ordered the 9-month supply in the tin. Let me put your mind to ease for anyone who is on the fence about the effectiveness of this deodorant... give it a try and you will never go back to the any of the other natural sticks or roll-ons. It's also great for travel...

Ken Irwin
Life Stinks Deodorant

This is the only natural deodorant I have used that works well.

Elizabeth Nungester
Deodorant is fantastic, metal canister not so much

We started with the smaller trial size deodorants. Live them. Picked our preferences & anxiously waited to the 9 month refillable canisters to come back in stock. Don’t live them so much. Op is too big & lots of powder dumps out, way more than needed. When I put lid back on, coz it’s in the bathroom after all, I lose still more powder. Bought this coz I’m frugal I. Addition to wanting more natural & feel like I’m wasting g a lot

Great deodorant!

This stuff really works and the travel container is so easy to pack! I’ve been using the extra strength lavender deodorant for over 5 years. Love it!

Sharon Pesci
It works!

I have always struggled with deodorant or working consistently. This stuff does the trick!