Be safe this mosquito & tick season with lifestings!


bug repellent sampler (with deodorant)

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  • $45.00
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Get ready for Summer Camp with  the lifestings® natural bug repellent sampler: beat DEET naturally.

Included is a complete introduction to lifestings® a bug repellent free from stinky, sticky and DEET! Lifestings® keeps you safe from bug bites without all the dangerous chemical toxins, while it heals your sun-dried skin. Say Goodbye to mosquitoes, tickes, black flies, no-see-ums, chiggers and more!

  • A 2 oz. bottle of lifestings® lotion
  • A 2 oz. bottle of lifestings® spray
  • A 1 oz. purse or pocket bottle of lifetings® spray
  • Plus lifestinks® deodorant in your preferred flavor and strength, and size. Mosquitos are drawn to human foot odor. Remember to deodorize your feet, your sneakers and your favorite sandals with lifestinks deodorant. 


Give the gift of health and let us do the eco-friendly wrapping for you. We offer 100 percent biodegradable, compostable, zero-carbon gift-wrap tied with a ribbon made from recycled banana peel for all our Duggan Sisters gift sets.

This four-piece gift set includes everything you need to enjoy the outdoors with help from the Sisters.