Be safe this mosquito & tick season with lifestings!

the whole megillah

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Deodorant infusion & odor control
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This four-piece gift set includes everything you need to get started with the full collection of our good LIFE solutions. In addition to our full lifestinks deodorant tool kit, this unique gift set is enhanced by an introduction to our home spa smartsoak.

Included is a complete introduction to your favorite Duggan Sisters products:

  • A lifetime refillable stainless steel sifter decanter for home use.  The refillable dispenser can includes a 9-month month supply of the dry deodorant.  
  • An everywhere travel size container for showering away from home.  2.25 oz.  - containing  120 applications of lifestinks dry deodorant.  
  •  stinkstink deodorant booster. Extra odor control for the big stinkers. 110 applications of pure deodorant oil.  
  • Plussmartsoak® to drain the pain.
  • lifestings bug repellent to BEAT DEET naturally (optional)