Strategy for success

The living foods rethink can be overwhelming if you don’t know the tricks of the trade. Strategy for Success seminars contain all the tricks we wish we’d had 2 years ago when we made the switch to 100% raw vegan & saved our own lives.

Study with the Duggan Sisters today. We do our best to keep the food simple and our students successful.

  • Master the art of a 5-minute smoothie that contains all the fruits and greens you’ll need to energize your new raw life.
  • Obese people are actually starving and we have a solution.
  • Learn to make raw desserts that even diabetics can enjoy.
  • Prepare foods that detoxify the liver while you eat — the true antidote to depression, bad skin, and aching joints.
  • Master simple, fast, nutritious & delicious meals and snacks that can reduce the inflammation of fibromyalgia & arthritis.

You, too, can make the switch today from PHARMACOPIA TO CORNUCOPIA!©