“You know this is the only thing that keeps me from getting bit up when we go to our place in Florida! DEET has no effect on me. Plus I don't like using it.” — Liz S, Chicago

“I’m off to Bora Bora! While I was there last year with the client, she was eaten alive by mosquitos. I was not. So I let her try my lifestings® bug repellent. She was able to enjoy her nights in paradise free of the mosquitos. So this time, I’ve purchased a bottle for each couple that will be attending the program.” — Sanece J, Denville, NJ

“Love the product and am thankful there is an alternative to all the crap out there.” — Karen E., Birmingham, MI

Happy Campers: A Postcard from Yosemite


“Bought this for a trip to Yosemite. The first night I tried lifestings while everyone else in the group used a big name brand deep-woods chemical. I was the only one who didn't get mosquito bites! The rest of the trip, everyone used my lifestings. I love that it’s safe for kids and doesn't contain DEET. And it smells great. Totally worth the price!” — Caroline Mc K., San Diego, CA

On the Mighty Mississippi


“LOVE IT! Since I have been wearing this in hot muggy Tennessee, living next to the Mississippi River, I have not gotten ANY new mosquito bites! AWESOME!” — Jeannine H, Memphis, TN

Cottage Compliments from Wisconsin


LifeStings rocks! I had to use it last Saturday at the lake, and despite the clouds of mosquitoes, I didn't get a single bite! This is me at the cottage. No makeup. No hairstyle. No shoes. And no mosquito or tick bites!!! I LifeStings!” — Cheryl M., Green Bay, WI

Honeymooners in Belize

“I wanted to say thank you! My wife and I were just in Belize for our Honeymoon and brought a bottle of your lifestings! It was awesome! The sand flies and mosquitos were not very friendly. And lifestings kept us able to enjoy the amazing beaches, and jungle hikes! Thank you for creating such an amazing product! We will make sure we have it with us anytime we go into the wilderness going forward! — KB from Colorado”

Texas loves lifestings

Ashley M.

“I absolutely love the new lifestings bug repellent! Living in Houston, I typically go into summer knowing that I will constantly be covered in bug bites, since mosquitoes tend to love me more than the average person. I refuse to use the commonly purchased bug repellents because I hate breathing in the chemical fumes, hate feeling sticky until I wash the spray off, and typically still end up with multiple bug bites. With lifestings, none of that happened – I didn’t spray myself with chemicals, I didn’t feel sticky, and best of all, mosquitoes no longer love me. In fact, I think they hate me now! I love, love, love the lotion base. I put it on first thing in the morning, and on top of keeping mosquitoes away, I can also use it as a daily moisturizer. I have already recommended lifestings to multiple people – this is a product that you can’t go wrong on. Buy it! Use it! Love it!”
— Ashley M., Houston, Texas

Lifestings saves summer

Mary Ann Mahler and Annie

Annie shares an end of summer wrap-up with Super Grandma Mary Ann Mahler of Chicago’s Southtown Health Foods

The Mahlers confirm that a month with the grandkids at the family’s summer home in Northern Wisconsin was the best ever — thanks to lifestings.

“My favorite thing about lifestings is that the kids are safe and comfortable and I don’t have to worry about DEET. And, it even took care of the black flies!” says Mary Ann Mahler, owner of Southtown Health Foods Store. “We’re selling this stuff like crazy.”

Jungles of Costa Rica!

David and Sarah

David and Sarah in Costa Rica

“Hi Ladies! I have evidence that your lifestings works in the jungles of Costa Rica. The only day I received mosquito bites was the only day I forgot to apply. Keep up the good work.” — David & Sarah W., Flowermound, Texas

No DEET for these kayak enthusiasts

David and Sarah

Adair & Ken

Lifestings kept us from being bitten by mosquitoes and no-see-ums while kayaking the buggy low country of South Carolina. The other folks in our group got eaten alive on land or sea even while they were slathered in DEET. We plan to keep lifestings available whenever we are in insect country.

I am telling everyone about this product!

Thank you, Duggan Sisters!!”
— Adair & Ken, Irvine, California

Louisiana iMessage

Women’s Running Magazine


“Created by a team of three sisters, Lifestings is a bug-repellent with a natural twist. Made from non-toxic catnip (instead of chemical-laden DEET), this pleasant-smelling product keeps bugs away all run long.” — Coach Jenny Hadfield, July 2013

Amazon shoppers love lifestings!

  • “Does a FANTASTIC JOB. It repelled the mosquitoes better than the 70% DEET bug-spray did. It worked in the woods while camping in the springtime (when the females will bite the most) and I usually attract them.”
  • “...It really works for me, and I am a mosquito magnet. For me to be outside without dozens of bites is outstanding. It has the added bonus of smelling lovely. I was actually complemented on it by people who didn't know it was a repellent.”
  • “...I love this product.”
  • “...The product does keep mosquitoes from biting. It has a pleasant smell and texture. ”
  • “...Absolutely loved the bug repellant. We have a place deep in the North Woods and it worked awesome. Couldn't believe it worked better than OFF.”
  • “...I used while on a fishing trip in Upper Michigan and it worked great.”
  • “...Great bug repellent, used it in Myanmar last year, and on the Amazon River this year. No bites...yay! It also leaves the skin soft and smelling great.”
  • “...We have been so pleased with this lotion. It's super light and actually smells terrific. We are thankful for an effective alternative to DEET.”