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duggansisters® raw food classes

“I am excited by obtaining better health for myself and for others as they see me making changes for the better.”
— Suzanne S., Chicago

“The class was awesome.”
— Diane C., Chicago

“Your presentation was outstanding. Thanks again for a terrific presentation and delightful food.”
— Jean P., Chicago

“Thank you for an entertaining and informative class. You should have your own cooking show — you both do a great job!”
— Caroline C., Chicago

“Just had to let you know how GREAT the class was. You are extremely motivational. KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK.”
— Angela M., Chicago

“You really should have a television show… humor, honesty, information, inspiration.”
— Joann B., Chicago

“Mary and Annie Duggan — two individuals who give it to you straight, no holds barred truth about health and food.”
— Kimberly Fong, Founding Member, Recycle me organic tees

“Many thanks! You are raw foods rock stars! A great class — you ladies are fabulous.”
— Hannah H., Chicago